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Integrated Commercial Pest Management Services

Ambush Pest Control offers a number of services for every type and size of commercial and institutional operation with the goal to solve and prevent problems. To make things easier for you. The majority of accounts, that fall under “Commercial Pest Management” are highly sensitive accounts such as restaurants, grocery stores, schools, daycares, hospitals, nursing homes, doctor clinics, offices, break rooms, warehouses and factories. Sensitive accounts sometimes require very different methods of pest management due to food handling, health care of just the shear number of people involved both employees and outside individuals that are present.

Recommendations for preventing future pest problems.
If you are a commercial account, please call or e-mail us and we’ll set up a monthly program that specifically fits your needs. Every account is different and we treat them as such.

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Get pest control services specifically customized for your commercial businesses. Schedule a free pest inspection or call 702-566-0667 to get help.

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