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#8 Worst Pest That Nevada Exterminators Contend With Is Pill Bugs (Sowbugs)

Pill bugs are arthropods not insects. They are found worldwide.

Recognition of a Pill Bug:

Adults grow up to about 16 mm long. Their colour is dark to slate gray. Typical of crustaceans, sowbugs have 7 pairs of legs; 2 pairs of antennae, I tiny, the other readily visible; body rounNevada Exterminators make a number of Pill Bug Removalsded on top flattened on the bottom. With 2 appendages which project out from body on the rear end. The are capable of rolling up into a very loose ball when disturbed.

Similar Groups:

(l) Pillbugs also with tail like appendages are short and rounded, can roll into tight ball like a medical pill.

Pill Bug Biology:

Eggs hatch within the brood pouch or marsupium on the underside of the body. The eggs take about 45 days to hatch, before the young emerge from the pouch. The number of young average from as low as 24 to as high as 88. There are from 1-3 broods per year, most often only 2. Young sowbugs molt (shed their skin) every 1-2 weeks and become adults in about 20 weeks they may live for about 2 years.

Sowbugs live only in areas of high moisture because they are unable to close their respiratory system and have no outer waxy layer to prevent excessive water loss. They are nocturnal this also helps to reduce water loss.

Habits Of A Pill Bug:

Because loss of moisture is a problem, sowbugs are not very active during the day and hide under objects to reduce loss of moisture. During the day, they can be found around buildings under trashcans, boards, rocks, flowerpots, and piles of grass clippings, flowerbed mulches, and other decaying vegetation.

They occasionally enter buildings under a door for instance homes with sliding-glass doors at ground level. When they show up Indoors it typically means that there is a large population just outside the building. They do not survive indoors for very long unless there is moisture and food present.

Sowbugs are scavengers and feed on decaying organic matter, usually plant material. They are considered a nuisance pest when indoors; outside they may injure young plants.

Why Pill Bugs Flourish

To control sowbugs is to reduce or get rid of the moist areas that makes it possible for them to survive. For example, remove piles of grass clippings and leaves, store boxes, lumber, firewood, and flowerpots off the ground, and provide adequate ventilation in crawl spaces. Inside they can easily be vacuumed.

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Most infestations of Pill Bugs can be controlled with the Ambush Pest Control's Residential Protection Plan.

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