1 Ants 2 Roaches 3 Silverfish 4 Spiders 5 Bees 6 Scorpions 7 Crickets 8 Pill Bugs 9 Earwigs 10 Mouse

The Ten Worst Pests In Nevada

Over the years we here at Ambush Pest Control have kept track of what the 10 worst pest problems in the Nevada Area. Due to the Las Vegas valley's unique weather pattern of searing heat in the summer, dry winters and rainy springs you need a Pest Control company that specializes in Nevada Pest problems.

#1 Worst Pest in Nevada Is Ant Infestations in Las Vegas and  Henderson, NV #2 Worst Pest In Nevada Is Cockroaches The Third Worst Pest For Nevada Exterminators is Silverfish and Firebrats. #4 Worst Pest To Manage In Nevada Is Spiders #5 Worst Pest In Nevada Is Hornets, Wasps And Bees
1. Ants 2. Roaches 3. Silverfish 4. Spiders 5. Bees
Nevada's Worst Pest #6 Is Scorpions For NV Exterminators #7 Worst Nevada Pest Are Cricket Infestations #8 Worst Pest That Nevada Exterminators Contend With Is Pill Bugs (Sowbugs) #9 On Nevada's Ten Worst Pest Is Earwigs
6. Scorpions 7. Crickets 8. Pill Bugs 9. Earwigs 10. Mouse
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