Ten Worst Pests

in Nevada

The Worst Seen By NV Exterminators

Over the years we here at Ambush Pest Control have kept track of what the 10 worst pest problems in the Nevada Area. Due to the Las Vegas valley's unique weather pattern of searing heat in the summer, dry winters and rainy springs you need a Pest Control company that specializes in Nevada Pest problems.

#1 Ants

The worst pest for an Exterminator in Nevada is Ants. Find out the seven most common species, feeding habits and the most effective way of preventing ant infestations.

#2 Roaches

Second nastiest pest in Nevada Is Cockroaches. What can I do about getting rid of Nevada’s worst pests like the German Roach, Oriental Roach and the American Roach? Find out how.

#3 Silverfish

Coming in third is the Silverfish and firebrats. They are commonly found in buildings and multiple dwellings. Silverfish hide behind walls and can be difficult to eliminate.

#4 Spiders

Fourth most exterminated pest in Nevada is Spiders. While all spiders have poison glands containing venom, there are two kinds of spiders in Nevada that bite and can cause painful poisoning in humans.

#5 Bees

Fifth worst pest is bees. Aggresive Yellowjackets, dangerous Bald-faced Hornets, Wasps, Bees can make life miserable. Hire a Trained Exterminator to deal with the aggressive bees of Nevada.

#6 Scorpions

A close sixth for Nevada’s Worst Pest Is Scorpions. They may invade homes and hide during the day in bathrooms, closets, garments, shoes or bedding. Don’t mess around hire a NV Exterminator.

#7 Crickets

Seventh Worst Nevada Pest Are Cricket Infestations. Most infestations of crickets can be controlled with the Ambush Pest Control’s Residential Protection Plan.

#8 Pillbugs

Eighth Worst Pest That Nevada Exterminators Contend With Is Pill Bugs (Sowbugs). Learn how to control Pillbug investations in your home.

#9 Earwigs

Ninth On Nevada’s Ten Worst Pest Is Earwigs. Earwigs are a nuisance pest. They do not bite but they can be harmful to flower, fruit and vegetable gardens.

#10 Rodents

Tenth On Nevada’s Worst Pest List Is Rodents like The House Mouse, Roof Rats and the Norway Rat in the Las Vegas valley. Roof rats multiply at a fast rate. Stop it before it gets bad.

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