#3 Silverfish

Third Worst Pest is The Silverfish

Silverfish and firebrats are of the most common insects found in buildings and multiple dwellings. They are not disease-carrying, nor are they a sign of poor sanitation; however, they are a nuisance and can do damage to goods unless measures are taken.

What Do Silverfish Look Like?

Silverfish are silvery-white, firebrats are brownish-grey, and both are approximately 1/2" long. Their slender flattened body is covered in scales, and it tapers towards the hind end. They have two antennae and three appendages at their rear, commonly called "bristle tails".

What Do They Eat?

Silverfish feed on a variety of foods and materials including bonding glue, paper, rolled oats, beef, flour, starch, cotton, sugar, dead insects, linen, rayon, wallpaper, stamps, cereal products, glazed paper, etc. Silverfish can go for long periods of time without eating.

How Do Silverfish Get Into My House?

Silverfish do not fly and seldom live outdoors; therefore, they are always brought into a building. They come in boxes, bags, groceries, laundry, books, etc. Because silverfish hide in walls that contain drainpipes, hot and cold water systems or electrical conduits that are shared in offices and multiple dwellings, they have many routes to travel throughout a building.

What Kind Of Damage Do Silverfish Do?

Although primarily a nuisance pest, silverfish can do damage. They may contaminate foods with their body scales and droppings, leave irregular chewing marks that may or may not penetrate paper products and leave yellow stains on fibers (especially linens). Their presence in a library should be taken seriously, as damage to books and bindings can be extensive.

What Can I Do About The Silverfish Pest?

Because silverfish hide behind the walls, they can be difficult to eliminate from a building. Furthermore, re-infestation, especially in a multiple dwelling, is very common. Therefore, if you are seeing less one or two a week, kill them as you see them (by stepping on them or spraying them). If you have found some in a drawer or file cabinet, you can put a spoonful of moth crystals in it to discourage their presence. If you are seeing them everyday, call Ambush Pest Control. The problem will continue to worsen if it is not dealt with, and the application of pesticide will greatly reduce the problem. If eradication is the goal, all suites in a building must be treated.

Pest Management & Extermination of Silverfish

Ambush Pest Control is very effective at preventing infestation of Silverfish. Please call 702-566-0667 for our latest pricing for these services. You'll find that we are one of the most cost efficient and economical pest control companies in the Las Vegas area.

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