Termite Inspections For Real Estate Professionals

termite inspectionsThis year, homeowners will face an economic loss of more than $2 billion in termite-related treatment and repairs. Don't wait for the signs of damage to alert you to the presence of termites. We're a full service pest control service, specializing in termite inspections.

Termite damage/activity is often found during building remodeling or repair. Some agencies such as Farmers Home Administration (FHA), Veterans Administration (VA), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and loan companies require termite inspections during real estate transfers. If necessary, seek help from professional pest control operators.

A professional should inspect exterior and interior foundation surfaces, particularly construction where wood is on or near the soil. Mud tubes are solid evidence of termite activity.

Common Signs Termites Leave

Fortunately, the signs of termite infestation are easy to detect with a little know-how. The most common sign is mud tubing, which usually is seen in dark, moist areas, such as under the kitchen or bathroom sinks. This indicates subterranean termite infestation. Colonies of subterranean termites are difficult to destroy because their nests are underground. Another frequent indication of termites is loose, sandy droppings which are commonly found in windowsills, doors, frames, and attics. This is caused by burrowing from drywood termites.

How To Prevent Termite Infestation

Termites need moisture and glucose to survive. They protect themselves by burrowing tunnels under and into structures. Termites can find their way into your home through the tiniest cracks. Even concrete slabs can develop cracks, and termites will quickly target leaks in the plumbing or roof. Most dangerous of all is the potential for aerial nesting. These nests usually develop in roof areas and the termites no longer need to obtain moisture from the ground. Termites thrive under these conditions and can quickly spread throughout the house.

To prevent this, homeowners must keep their house in good repair. Water leaks must be detected and repaired immediately. Never stack lumber or other wood products next to or under the house unless protected from direct contact with the soil. Avoid flower beds or trees close to your house as the moisture required for these plants will attract subterranean termites. Make sure rain gutters are in good repair and are directed away from the house to avoid standing water.

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